Ultra Violet – UV Disinfection 


With so many Okanagan residents relying on water from lakes, rivers and wells, organic contaminants are a very real threat.  Watersoft BC has the natural, whole-home solution to eliminate the risk of contamination by bacteria, viruses, and parasites  such as cryptosporidium and giardia.  We are proud to be the Okanagan’s leading provider of residential and commercial UV water disinfection systems, supplying safe, sterilized water without the use of chemicals.

The Features of the VIQUA UV system:

Space Efficient:
The high output UV lamp technology allows for a smaller footprint, while providing the same UV performance as a longer chamber.

Ease of Maintenance:
An audible lamp replacement reminder and countdown timer with digital display let you know when it’s time to replace your lamp.

The constant current feature ensures stable UV lamp output, regardless of power fluctuations.

The high-performance UV system is rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours).

This unit is perfect for any point-of-entry water sterilization.

The UV Process:

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment is an extremely quick physical process. Ultraviolet light mutates and/or degrades DNA. DNA (or deoxyribonucleic acid) is the part of the cell that gives an organism its instructions on how to function and reproduce. When the DNA is damaged, the organism becomes unable to function because its “instructions” are garbled or missing. An organism that has no instructions cannot function and reproduce, and cannot cause infection. It is rendered harmless and eventually dies. In the UV disinfection process, water is sterilized as it runs through a stainless steel chamber (also called a “reactor”) that contains a special UV-producing lamp. As the water flows past the lamp, the microbes in the water receive a lethal dose of UV. The water is then safe to drink.

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