For some of our customers, the upfront cost of equipment can be an obstacle to getting the water treatment they need.  With our financing options, you can make manageable monthly payments, while enjoying the benefits of better water.  In many cases, those benefits can offset much, or all, of the cost. 


The Hidden Costs of Hard Water 


From your hair and skin, to your plumbing, appliances and clothing, hard water touches everyone — and almost everything — in your household.  It also reaches into your wallet, increasing the amount of cleaning supplies and energy you use, and decreasing the lifespan of appliances and washable fabrics.

Hard water makes cleaners, soap and detergents less effective.  Dissolved minerals prevent proper lathering, and actually cause staining.  A study by the Water Quality Association showed that soft water can achieve better cleaning results with less detergent and lower water temperatures.  Personal care items — lotions, soap, shampoo — also perform much better.  Soft water can reduce cleaning costs by up to 50 percent.  

Potential savings – $450 per year

Hard water shortens the lifespan of plumbing, fixtures and appliances.  While you can see the scale build-up on taps and toilets, much of the damage is unseen: clogged pipes, scale-coated heating elements, and premature wear of sensitive internal mechanisms.  Soft water greatly reduces the need for costly repairs, and can double the lifespan of expensive appliances and fixtures.  In addition, soft water eliminates hard water staining and soap residue on your washables, significantly extending the life of clothing and linens.

Potential savings – $290 per year

Hard water contains dissolved rock, which accumulates on the heating elements and internal surfaces of water-using appliances.  Scale build-up reduces the efficiency of these appliances.  The most severe impact is on your water-heating bill.  According to the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, 1/16-inch of scale can increase energy consumption by 11 percent.  The Water Quality Association pegs the added cost of heating untreated water at 29 percent. 

Potential savings – $60 per year

Total costs of hard water are up to $800 annually.  That’s $67 each month that could be invested to minimize or eliminate the problem.

Water Softener – as low as $42.60/month OAC

The Pentair softener is one of the most economical, effective and efficient you can buy.  By reducing your hard water costs immediately, the softener can completely offset your monthly loan payment, and continues minimizing those costs for its operational lifespan, long after your loan is paid.

Reverse Osmosis System – as low as $35.32/month OAC

Looking to save even more?  Think of the money you spend on bottled water and home dispensing systems.  With a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, you’ll have a virtually unlimited supply of highly purified water.  And with two years of free service included, you’ll get a $1100 value for only $1000.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer – as low as $39.89/month OAC

Boil Water Advisories are  inconvenient and alarming.    Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems eliminate the threat of viruses and bacteria, as well as the inconvenience of boiling water.  On rural water supplies with untreated organic contamination, a U/V Sterilizer is essential for safe, healthy water.

Is Financing Right For Me?

Every circumstance is different.  We’ll work with you to design a treatment system that addresses your individual water issues, and a payment plan that fits your budget. 

Do I Qualify?

With our easy online application, you’ll know in minutes whether you are approved.  Just click the Easy Approval button, and provide a few personal details.  Your application is private, safe, and secure.

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