Celebrate Our 35th Anniversary with Us!

35 Years of Wonderful Water!

Since 1989, Watersoft BC has been solving water problems for homeowners, businesses and public facilities throughout the Okanagan. We think that’s something worth celebrating! We’d like to thank our friends and neighbours for trusting us, and supporting our humble local business. If we could, we’d personally hug each and every one of you. Since that’s not possible, or particularly wise from a legal standpoint, you’ll have to make due with these fantastic anniversary specials!

Canada Day System Replacement Special

Look, we know you can get attached to your water treatment system. We develop an unhealthy attachment to our installations all the time. But the fact is, equipment gets old and tired. It’s cruel to force it to keep working in its twilight years. Let us take it to a nice farm up north, where it can frolic peacefully with other elderly equipment. We’ll replace it with brand spanking new equipment that’s younger, better-lookin’, more powerful, effective, and efficient. Yes, it’s sad to let go. But it’s the circle of life, and the right thing to do.

GRO Reverse Osmosis System and Ultramax Softener, including removal/recycling of existing equipment, installation, all taxes/enviro fees, just $2299!

Call now! Offer ends July 1, 2024

Celebrate and Save!

10% Off All Systems and Installations

Storewide Anniversary Specials

We don’t want to leave anyone out of our anniversary shindig. No matter what water challenge you’ve got, we’ve got the answer. And great savings to make amazing water amazingly affordable!

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